Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Week Anniversary

Today is our official one week anniversary of our time here in El Salvador! The days are starting to get a routine - Spanish class in the mornings with Maria Luisa and work on our community contact/community project in the afternoon. Basically each training community has to either contact or create a youth group in our communities to work on a project to benefit the community. I think the PCTs before us did a clean up campaign in the park and other community spaces. We dont know what our group is going to do - but we had our first meeting with the leader of a youth group in our community this morning. It was really exciting and all in Spanish! Yesterday we were in San Vicente for training sessions with the whole group - it was really good to see everyone again. We had a medical session where they reviewed thing we cant eat/should avoid etc.... and now I probably have cysts because I had done like every single thing they said not to do....No one else seems that worried which is a good sign but I´m going to be super vigilant from now on! It´s also getting really hot here - our first few days were perfect because it was really breezy and cool, but not anymore!


  1. Hi Lauren, glad to hear you made it there safely and things are well. Your medical brief sounds similar to some of my travels, except without all of the immunizations. We look forward to hearing about all the adventures (good, bad, etc.) Be good!

  2. lauren, sounds like you are well on way. don't sweat the "cysts", if nothing has shown up by now, you should be ok. still, stay vigiliant. told you the spanish would come. think fun for the youth activity. kids resond to things that are fun easier than "chores"... love you a bunch and i miss you very

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  4. who is apathy... and who is this character elliot?

    I'm glad you're learning so much! The challenge is what will make it all the more satisfying once you master it- then you can pick up any churro guy you want! (haha)

    We miss you here but I'm glad you're having a blast and are thankful every day for the experience- it's going to be amazing so keep us updated so we can all live vicariously!

    Much Love,

    PS: LOVE your grilled cheese sandwich photo- so endearing!

    Captures everyone perfectly ;)

  5. Apathy is my stage name. Also my VT email address, I was using it for my Blogger account pseudonym, but I figured I should probably expose myself here around my family...wait...

    Who the heck is Anisha?

  6. We are so happy to see you made there safely. We are so proud of you and this adventure you are facing head-on. We love you and can't wait to see what you write next.