Sunday, February 1, 2009

Going Away Party

It's Sunday night, and I'm leavin on a jet plane in less than 36 hours!!
Saturday mom threw me a FANTASTIC going away party. In true mom-style, everything from the food to the silverware was El Salvadoran-themed, complete with blue and white balloons, pupusas, a huge El Salvadoran flag, chili beer and tres leches cake :). I hope everyone who came had a great time and plenty to eat!

I'm so thankful for all the support of my family and friends - in the difficult times ahead I know that you all will be the source of my strength - thank you again!!
Attached are pics from the party - enjoy! Also, I'm new at blogging so the format is kind of less-than-optimal...but hopefully I'll get better over time! In the meantime though, please forgive the messed up picture and text layouts and whatnot....


  1. hey sis, so glad things are going so well and you like you're new "Mom". We've already rented your room and can't wait for Elliot to leave also...what with the economy and all. I'm going to do my best to learn Spanish while you're gone so I will be able to talk to you when you get back, so no matter how bad you feel you speak, just think of me, laugh, and feel better about yourself :) Love you bunches

  2. Hey Lauren,
    We miss your face and hope all is going great!
    As for Spanglish (Brooklyn Spanish), it will all come in time.
    Looking forward to following your EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, We see a book in this!!!!!