Saturday, February 7, 2009

Estoy Aqui!

I´m finally here! There is a group of 32 new trainees, half Rural Health and half Municipal Development - there are 2 married couples and 2 older retired women, but the rest of us are 22-31. We had 2 days of orientation in San Vicente, and now we are in our training communities in nearby pueblos. The training groups are determined by our technical groups and our language proficiency...I think I´m the worst speaker in my group, but I´m understanding more than I thought I would be able to. There are four others in my group, I really like all of them but am a little bummed the big group got split up so fast, just as we were getting close! We do have sessions in San Vicente once a week where well all get to be together for training. The first 2 months of pre service training is completely geared toward language acquisition and cultural acclimation and integration. Then we go to our actual communities and integrate there, and then in June well start tech training. More later!


  1. I've been checking everyday for updates! Sounds so exciting and I know all that spanish will come back to you after a week of being fully emersed in it. Miss you tons already! Love you and be safe!

  2. good to hear from you. don't worry about the spanish. in a couple of days you'll be up to speed...can't wait to hear all the adventures. i guess for now you will have somewhat unlimited internet access. i will chech every day to hear from you. i love you very

  3. SOLEDAD!!! Haha yay you finally updated!! Man school is lame, so make sure you update cool and awesome things so I can escape for a few minutes here and there reading about your shenanigans en español!! miss you and love you!!! MUAH!!! cuidate!!! <3 cammie