Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mi maestra Maria Luisa

Ferry ride to San Luis del Carmen

My host sis and padre

From the left: My host mom, her sister in law, and my ¨cousins¨ Katharine and Michael

Feb 09 Trainees


  1. Your New Family Pictures:
    OMG, how's like another Virginia Beach family, how great for you!If they ever all head up this way, give us a shout and we will make room for some of the new family.

  2. me again..neat pictures. your new "family" look like very nice people. guess they have to be to sponsor a peace corps volunteer. your "sister" looks just like her mom, funny hew that ya dad

  3. Very kewl! Nice group and family pics. Looks like you are doing well, too. Welcome to the "early riser" group. With all of those people in your host family and work group, do you ever have any quiet time to yourself?...or is there too much activity with all involved? Are you able to keep up with current events back here, or are you limited to the local area? Looking forward to the next update!