Monday, October 19, 2009

Women and Youth Development Scholarship Program

I'm now the Secretary of the Women and Youth Development Scholarship Program, which works to administer and raise funds for scholarships to poor, rural, Salvadoran girls. To be eligible, the girls need to have at least a 7 (out of 10) average, and need to submit recommendations and essays that prove their good character and community involvement, as well as their financial need. Scholarship money goes towards matriculation fees, transport costs, uniforms, school supplies, etc... and the distribution of funds is overseen by the Volunteer in the scholarship recipients' site.
A few weekends ago we had a camp for the scholarship recipients of 2009, and it went really well! The different session themes were gender and sex education, resume writing, interviewing skills, self defense, etc... I brought two girls from my site and they loved it! I helped give the sex ed charlas, which included me dressing up as a man AGAIN :) for an activity where the girls practice saying no to sexual pressure. I also gave the career prep session using the materials from my career prep class at the local high school.
We are receiving the applications for the 2010 school right now, and the amount of scholarships we are able to give depends on how much we can raise! If you would like to donate, you can do so on the Peace Corps Partnership page:

Me and my girls, Alba and Lupe

Group Pic from the Camp

Giving charlas


  1. Sister-Girl,,this is so exciting :-) You are an excellent role-model and teacher for these young women. I'm so proud of you I could just bust wide open!!! Keep up the GREAT work. We love you. Aunt Dee & Uncle DOn

  2. Hey this is awesome!! It is so exciting to read your blog. You are doing great work! My Name is Roberto, and I am currently a PCV serving in the Dominican Republic. I was doing some research on PCV´s currently serving in El Salvador and came accross your blog. To make a long story short, I was born in El Salvador and raised in the US. In December I will be returning to San Salvador and I would like to visit the PC office in San Salvador as well as possibly set up some project site visits with some fellow volunteers there, I think it will be an awesome experience for me. I can´t find a contact email or phone number for the PC office, could you do me a favor and send me some information that could help me? You can email me at

  3. Hi Lauren! We are searching for a Christmas host family or child. My family and my work group are both interested. Would you like to submit someone? Hope all is well. You are talked about often, admired by many. Keep up the good work!!! :)

  4. hey punk. what wonderful work you are doing, though i gotta say i am getting a little concerned about your choice of clothing. i know you aren't supposed to dress flashy or anything, but drag might be carring it a little too far :) keep up the good work....i love