Saturday, March 14, 2009

3 weeks and counting....

Three weeks and counting until I´m in my official site! Phase 1 of training is now more than half way over! The last week or two have been really busy and crammed, but now that the end is in sight I´m much less stressed (although now I have a whole new set of anxieties about starting over alone in a new place!). Last weekend my family was invited to go with my neighbors to their family´s beach house in La Libertad. It was GORGEOUS and really relaxing, and totally necessary as we´ve hardly had any free time!
Things are progressing with the youth group - the alcaldeza (mayor) said she´d try to help with the street lamp project and we´re working on a fundrasing activity with the group right now. We only have about 2 weeks left to actually be in Tepe working with the group, so it´s possible we won´t be here to see the fundraising event (which will most likely be a show of somekind) and we defintely won´t be here to see the lamps get put up.
This weekend El Sal has their presidential elections and the atmosphere is pretty tense and excited - well see what the results are on Sunday!

View from the beach house in La Libertad


  1. hey punk...what a wonderful place. were you able to go swimming? glad you were at least able to unwind and have some fun. maybe when you have some free time from your assignment you will able to go back to tepe and "see the light" for yourself. at least be able to touch base with the wonderful family that has been so good to you for all these weeks. please let them know i am eternally grateful for their friendship and care of you for your orientation period. it has been difficult to let my baby go so far away from home and to a different country and culture. knowing that they have been so good to you has eased my fears. please tell them for me how much i thank them. as parents, i know they will understand how thankful i am.....have dad

  2. Hey Sister-Girl,,,finally set up an account - a major accomplishment for me! Thanks for taking time to create such an interesting journal, it's like being there with you:-) Like your dad, I too am deeply grateful and thankful for the wonderful family that has taken such terrific care of you in their home. Keep having fun and enjoying life:-) Love and kisses to you, Aunt Dee

  3. Hey gurl, all is well here in VB, pretty much sos, (ask me what that means if you don't get it).Winter has been hanging on here, can't wait for it to break. Good to see your moving forward on your GREAT ADVENTURE. keep us posted!